3 Ways to Master 3D Virtual Tours Without Breaking a Sweat

AccuTour creates virtual tours that easy for clients in South Florida to embed into websites for a better user experience. 

Scenario: Charlie and his wife are planning on moving from Chicago to Florida.  Charlie’s wife cannot travel and pack and they have a short time before Charlie’s employer expects him to be re-located. There’s very little time and opportunity for the couple to visit the area.  You’ve shown them stills and some videos on a few of the suggested properties in the luxury market, but nothing is working until you pull out your secret weapon.  A 3D Virtual Tour unlike they’ve ever seen before.  Here’s how to master the tours as a pro would without breaking a sweat.

The first way to master a 3D virtual tour, would be to make it interactive.  Because 3D Virtual Tours are much different than 2D images and Video, you’ve been using the ability to make things like closet doors opening gives you a whole new perspective. You can take this to a different dimension by showing the depth of the cabinets. (You get the picture?)  For them to have a stronger idea of height of a ceiling, 3D imagery has the ability to give them options to look up, grasping the depth perception. This is a feature pictures and video can’t do. You can also make focal points of a specific area, that’s clickable giving them more information about opening up a door. This feature is in and of itself, one of the biggest reasons that so many of today’s luxury agents are leaning toward this newer technology.

Next, consider your clients’ time.  You can view several tours in a matter of a lunch break.  They will feel as this submersible imagery allows them to transport to the location you’re featuring.  This visual technology takes them beyond a photo, it brings them to the center of the room and allows them to visually see what the room has to offer. It is virtual and it is reality, both blended together creating the ultimate buying experience for your clients.  This type of innovation is ideal for clients that live abroad and have little time before transferring to a new location. The science makes the realtor become a ‘modern day hero’ without a doubt.

You will be bringing the client’s vision to life.  Because they are viewing at their level and not at the discretion of a videographer, you’re giving them more opportunity to fall in love with the home, its location, and any other important information. 

Perhaps the client has a large collection of art or wild game that he’d like to display, you now have the ability to give them a clear idea of what the dimensions are in a room and they can look: backward, forward, side to side, and up or down. Today’s clients are more savvy than ever before, by giving them an advanced tool, it will position you as ingenious and current with today’s vast world. You’re also respecting their advanced intelligence that a good majority of the luxe crowd embraces.

You create a trust with them, letting them wrap their minds around their decisions to select an industry professional that’s helping make one of the biggest investments easy and not difficult.

You’ll also be relieving the stress that many people like Charlie had in the typical scenario you read at the beginning of this blog.  Imagine the thoughts he and his wife had when they were able to see the transitions between the interior of the backyard living space and of course the largest floor plan with unique ceiling décor in the master bath.  The seamless transition from floor to ceiling gave Charlie’s wife the call to action the real estate professional had been seeking.

“3D Virtual Tours open more doors”.  Okay, enough funny business. However, opening doors is true. This is the next generation of tools for those imaginative enough to use it. Your client sees more, therefore you sell more and it’s just that simple.

AccuTour in Florida uses breakthrough 3D imaging technology to produce interactive Virtual Tours of Properties. The result is a stunning and captivating 360 degree walk-throughs into properties that is 100% controllable by the user.

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