The Difference Between Most 3D Tour Videos and AccuTour’s 3D Tours

At AccuTour in Florida, we produce interactive virtual tours of property interiors using breakthrough 3D imaging technology.  We use the 3D imaging scans to produce and deliver a stunning and captivating 360 degree walk-through where movement and location are 100% controlled by the user.

Take a look at the difference for yourself.

Below is a virtual tour or in this case a “virtual flight” with the Blue Angels.

This is an example of a 3D Interactive Video – The user can control the view only.  This is what most people think of of when you talk about virtual 3D video tours today.  It’s really awesome technology but you are forced to go where the pilot or video takes you. 

Play the video and click anywhere in the video to change the view.

Now let’s look at AccuTour’s 3D Tours

This is a 3D tour made by our team at AccuTour –  We make the user the pilot where they are in total control.  People using our 3D Tours can virtually walk  (by clicking) into any room they want.  The user can control every aspect 0f their virtual visit while touring a property  Users can go back and fourth from room to room and EVEN GO UP STAIRS.  You can compare this technology to Google Street View for for interiors.

How important are 3D Virtual Tours?

According to an article from CNBC, between 2014-2015, 8% of the real estate purchased was from international buyers equaling $104 billion dollars within that year. Today, realtors need a multitude of solutions to offer their clients for selling and purchasing property.

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