Professional Real Estate Photography in Royal Palm Boca Florida

AccuTour Professional Photography

What are you selling?

Are you selling a home? A lifestyle? A dream? Or are you just trying to sell a house; a blurry, badly lit house, with the previous owner’s dog in every picture, and maybe even an accidental picture of you in the mirror as you’re trying to capture the “spacious bathroom” with your cell phone camera?

Here at AccuTour, we know what we are selling: the experience. (see for yourself in the link below)

Exclusive Windmill Lakes Pool Home on Over an Acre of Property

Via our 3D Matterport technology, we give your customers the unique ability to move freely within a space and live it without ever having to physically be there. It’s a virtual tour unlike any other. The experience of which simply can’t be compared with a still photograph or, god forbid, yet another boring brochure.

And yet, antiquated marketing techniques such as these have somehow slipped through the cracks of the modern digital age and still remain industry standards in the real estate business. Let’s face it, the MLS is lousy with horrible photos taken by amateur photographers, or worse, by the realtors themselves.

Living in a world where anyone with an iPhone and Instagram account can call themselves a “photographer” makes it more difficult to stand out from the crowd, especially in the highly competitive real estate arena. Knowing which features to showcase and how to capture it in a way that will make buyers browsing through hundreds of listings stop and take notice of yours is an art in itself.  Not to mention the hours it takes to wade through hundreds of photos, pick the best ones, then resize, crop, and edit them in programs such as Lightbox and Photoshop.  If it seems time-consuming and a bit overwhelming that’s because it generally is for people who haven’t been trained to do it the right way and it’s certainly a feat best left to the real pros.

Here’s an example I found, with the same listing but on the left side are the pictures the amateur took. On the right are the professional’s.

Hiring a professional over an amateur can mean the difference between a getting a sale or not. Look at it from your buyer’s perspective? Which would you be interested in? Which would you make an offer on?

So maybe we aren’t reinventing the wheel, like our 3D tours are, but we can at least make the wheel a heck of a lot better looking! Which is why AccuTour is now offering a separate professional photography service at great rates. Come check it out: