Aerial Shots versus 3D Virtual Tours

Aerial Shots versus 3D Virtual Tours

The revolution of photography has been greatly changed due to GoPro and Drones.  Historically, you could contract an aerial photographer to capture footage of your home or business somewhere in the ballpark of 20K and up.  Today with the use of an action camera and a drone helicopter you can pay a fraction of the cost and get close to the same results.  With 3D Imagery these aerial shots are taken with a whole new twist.  Let’s dig a bit deeper.

The cost of using a camera typically mounted inside of an aircraft or hand held by a photographer who’s tethered inside the aircraft was dictated by the risk.  Nothing can go wrong during these flights.  Reason being is one piece of paper, debris, a camera strap etc., could cost the pilot and the photographer their lives.  This factored into the cost of getting the footage for you to use.  Now with GoPro’s costing around $300 and drones around 1K, the cost is much less.  The budget for these types of projects are also less because there’s less human risk involved.

With today’s 3D and 4D cameras the footage is outstanding and created with large pixel ratios that allow the footage to be manipulated during editing. Since aerial photography is oftentimes a highly requested element for 3D imagery, you can expect the following things to be more beneficial than just using a GoPro with a Drone.

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Recently, I was viewing a luxury property where the photography company utilized a drone and a Canon 5D.  While I’m not exactly sure why they didn’t fix this during post production, you couldn’t help but notice the flutter from the drone copter’s propellers.   This movement not only made the production look cheap, it was distracting.  I couldn’t help but notice something moving in the frame that was out of place, leading me to watch this mistake and not looking at the most important part, the property itself.

With 3D Tours, you can create an open or laser targeted approach to your properties.  When the shot is flying from above the property, the image can be seen as if the roof was removed completely. This gives a much cleaner image without the distractions.

When a drone is flying from outside of a property and panning in toward the home, it’s important that there’s enough footage captured to thread the best shots frame to frame.  Many times you can see shadows on the walls of the device, reflections in mirrors and windows are obtrusive and it’s just not edited properly.

By utilizing our 3D Virtual Tour services at AccuTour, the viewer is able to see what they want and not just what the production company has pasted together.  Rather than flying over the top of a roof and into a doorway or window, you fly over the top of the same point of that roof and now the person viewing the video can look directly down, getting a sense of floor plan, space, staircases, room placement and a variety of other things that will be missed during a GoPro shoot.

While it may be less expensive to shoot with the Millennial generation equipment, people in luxury markets are expecting more.  They are looking for realtors that are savvy like they are.   By using the most updated tools and services, you not only position yourself as an expert in your field, you’re giving them confidence that you’re taking any precautions necessary to sell their home or property.

Take the time out and compare footage shot with both methods and see for yourself the difference between 3D Tours and GoPro Aerials.  You’ll be surprised how much more the viewer is able to see.

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