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The Edge You Need – Drone Photography in Ft Lauderdale

Real Estate marketing in Ft Lauderdale is competitive and cutthroat. At the same time, it is very monotonous. Making a place for yourself is not possible unless you have something your competitors don’t. You need an edge to survive and succeed. You need techniques that can grab the attention of potential clients. Your property listing needs to stand out. And Aerial videography and Drone Photography in Ft Lauderdale can do that!

Drones are the perfect solution for eye-catching Real Estate photography. Drone photography was invented so that a new dimension could be added to marketing. It will provide you with the content your competitors won’t be able to match. You have a unique concept for your business; your listings are exactly what your client needs, but it’s ShowTime. To make your marketing compelling, you need the ability to attract and retain the attention.

There was a time when drone photography was very expensive and was done by helicopters. It was reserved for people who can afford to do that. But today, the times have changed. You don’t need helicopters for taking the aerial views. We have drones to do that. Drones have reduced the cost of aerial photography and videography significantly. And the cherry on the top is that it makes the final outcome so beautiful, every penny is worth it.

Why our drones?

A Drone photographer in Ft Lauderdale is not just a photographer; he is a pilot. Taking pictures and videos from the sky is not an easy task. The angles and distances matter a lot. And that is why only talented drone pilot is not enough. Experience is also necessary along with talent. And we have the right combination. The AccTour’s talented drone pilot is capable of achieving extremely steady and breath-taking shots in High-definition. Combined with our high-definition video footage, we can provide you the complete marketing solution. No other Drone Company in Ft Lauderdale will be able to provide you the quality at which we work.

We have a strong knowledge of the technology as well as the aesthetics. We have mastered the art of capturing amazing views while following every safety regulation laid out by the government. Our drones are safe and highly maintained. Our drone photographer is a passionate person who enjoys working.The time and patience, we devote to a particular project are unmatched.

We have a process

We have a comprehensive working method developed to deliver world-class results. Whenever we start working on any project, we follow these steps like a military rule.

  • Our first task is always to understand in depth what our clients want. We sit with the clients and understand their goal behind the entire marketing activity.
  • After that our team identifies the angles and shots for shooting and recording.
  • Now comes the time for appearing on the site and doing the actual shooting work.
  • We are not just real-estate photographers; we are a video production company. Before delivery, we properly edit the video and photo segments with proper voice-overs and music to make it how you envisioned it in the first place.
  • You will receive the material in various formats to suit your marketing needs. No other video production company in Ft Lauderdale will be able to give you the flexibility like us.


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