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Make Your Real Estate Business Count with Drone Photography In Miami

Real Estate industry might sound boring but they suffer from an amazing level of competition. Even in Miami where the competition is harsh, a lot of people suffer from non-visibility setbacks when they don’t follow the trends. A recent trend has been aerial photography. A lot of people are getting familiar with Drone companies as they are choosing aerial photography as a means of marketing from feet up. One reason might be that aerial photography is more popular and a visual way of attracting new clients. While the traditional practices in marketing contribute to boredom and monotony, we recommend aerial photography. This is the edge that you need to add to your business. It won’t only help you survive but also succeed in the eyes of the buyers as these will give you more attention. The simple rule of marketing is that you need to stay abreast of all the changes and trends that are taking place and cover and master the forms of marketing options you have available. Aerial photography and videography are two options that will really help you in the area of marketing your content and listings better.

Earlier, helicopters along with kites were used but Drones have taken over. So if you are looking to get a shot from several feet up, you can try aerial photography and videography.

Why Our drones?

A Drone photographer in Miami is a performer. Photographers take their jobs really seriously and focus on getting high-quality output. They are experienced, they know their job and they have done it several times before so you know your project is in good hands. At the AccuTour, we take pride in informing you that we have taken some of the steadiest and high quality, shots. Our job is to make you stand apart in a group of real estate companies and other companies with content that will provoke and invoke. Taking pictures is what we excel at and that’s what we do exclusively so you can trust our photographers with your work.

We Follow a Special Process to Take the Perfect Shots

We are also a video production company and to complete projects on time with sophistication, we follow a process which gives us the world-class output. Here is what we do as part of the process:

  • The first thing we do when we receive a requirement is speaking with the client at length regarding the project to confirm what the client expects from us. Then we decide exactly what we offer to the client.
  • Then comes the planning of shoot part. This part is completely technical and involves technical planning of the shoot with the identification of angles and shots.
  • Then comes the shooting part where our photographers actually start shooting.
  • This part involves editing of the video and photo segments which might or might not involve a voice over. So we finish up the task in step four within our in-house labs.

The final step is the delivery. This is when we deliver the work within days in your chosen format.

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