What Everyone Ought to Know About Matterport Technology and Acquisitions

Schematic floor plan

Schematic floor plan

Although Matterport technology is still growing in popularity, they reported over 40 million views and 200,000 showcases since its inception in 2011. This information was revealed in a report from “Market Wired” which is part of NASDAQ which reports real-time news distribution. Even though the innovation is still in its infancy stages the company is globally known. This immersive media that’s produced using Matterport cameras has become a real estate “go-to” tool especially in the Luxe market. The reason why this tool is highly recommended for property investment is for the buyer experience. Full color 3-D floor plans allow the viewer to not only see the property, they participate with it. Well realtors are warming up to this innovation, many corporate officers are becoming familiar and beginning to embrace this tool. There are a few key points to make for executive officers who may be on the verge of acquisition or merger. We’ve outlined a few of those for you here.

This is an excellent walk-through tool that’s ideal for clients who may be located either outside of the country or may simply not have the time to meet in person. Depending on the business venture at hand, and people’s busy schedules this industrial science saves time and money. Most of all the technology solves problems for many issues.

While many corporate stakeholders may still insist on visiting a property in person prior to commitment, the use of 3-D showcases can help pique interest on a deeper level. Because this type of photography presents the richest visual experience, you may find your corporate officers more engaging. The concept of touring a shop, viewing its operations and seeing the floor plan allows investors the opportunity to express concerns once experiencing the virtual reality of the potential investment.

Since virtual spaces have the ability to be viewed on a desktop or mobile browser, they may also have the full Monty with the additional Samsung gear VR headset. Which do you think will be most impressive, viewing a blueprint or having your prospect connects with your industrial building, office space or any other structure with a 360° and to end system?

Unlike standard video production, the art technology allows for an interactive full navigation of the video capture. While this may sound complicated, Matterport delivers a system that’s incredibly easy for anyone to use and operate.

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