Why Florida Realtors Use Matterport For Real Estate Marketing

Matterport Is Changing the Way South Florida Realtors Market Homes

Virtual reality and 3D listing tools are changing the way real estate agents are marketing their client’s properties. Technological advances are allowing consumers the ability to have an in-person, lifelike view of property without having to visit the physical location or ever having to step foot inside the home!

Imagine presenting your listing clients with an “always” open house! This is the strength of virtual reality. Technology like the Matterport Pro 3D Camera is providing agents the ability to create photorealistic virtual tours which can be experienced with immersive technology like the Oculus Rift headset, or delivered to consumers through their smartphone or tablet. You can now provide potential buyers the “physical” and emotionally bonding experience of a walk through from the comfort of their couch.

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​How The Matterport 3D Pro Camera Works

A Matterport camera sits on a tripod and rotates 360-degrees scanning a room and collecting data that is used to create a 3D display. Several sweeps from different locations may be necessary to capture the full image and character of the space. Once you’ve got your scans, you upload the information to Matterport’s cloud server, where the images are organized, and a 3D tour of the home is assembled.

Matterport stores the rendering on their server and a portal allows you to share your 3D renderings with your clients and potential buyers. You can upload a player onto your listings page, and users can click on it to see the 3D tour (3D glasses not required!). The tour is viewable on any device from smartphones and tablets to laptops, desktops and if you have them, VR headsets like the Oculus, Samsung Gear VR or Google cardboard.

The Benefits of Matterport Technology

3D virtual home tours can be shared on any device through your existing marketing channels. Buyer can experience your home tour as if they were physically in the property. VR can help you generate momentum for not only your listing but also your business. This technology captivates buyers and motivates sellers. Matterport allows real estate agencies to:

Expand Your Market

3D imagery and multi-device delivery allows you to provide international or out of town buyers the ability to experience your listing in an immersive environment that makes it feel like they are physically present in the home. The experience is so “real” that potential buyers can develop an emotional attachment to a property.

The international market for U.S. property is red hot! Economic conditions in certain economies are creating tremendous buying opportunities for overseas buyers. Many urban and resort areas like South Florida are experiencing massive growth with international customers. Being able to deliver a photorealistic, immersive virtual experience, gives international buyers the opportunity to view properties from afar, experience them as if they were there, and can save them the time and expense of traveling to a site to tour a home.

Address Seller’s Privacy Concerns

3D technology offers sellers more privacy with less foot traffic through their home. It also can act as a qualifying media. For example, buyers who have experienced a virtual tour of a property can be qualified as more serious, if they request a physical visit. With 3D listings, buyers can get a better sense of a property before they tour the home in person. It can help them get a better sense of the property and know if it meets their needs. Having this knowledge helps them come to conclusions earlier in the process so that they can make a buying decision faster. 3D virtual tours help ensure that buyers requesting viewings are serious prospects.

Show and Rent Properties More Easily

It can sometimes be difficult to get access to a rental unit. Landlords may not be available, and homeowners who are renting space in their home can be hard to track down. 3D rental tours cut down on the number of access requests and can make it easier for everyone involved, the current tenant, the landlord and the prospective renter.

Realtors who are ahead of the curve in Florida and other urban and resort communities are adopting Matterport technology to sell their listings. Matterport’s technology is easy to use, and your 3D renderings are stored on the cloud making them accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. In fact, potential buyers of properties that use Matterport technology spend 3x the time to explore homes online and are up to 95% more likely to reach out for more information.

If you’re located in South Florida, and you’d like to speak with an expert on 3D imagery for real estate marketing, contact us. We not only have the image making skills but we know how to use 3D Virtual Tours as part of a marketing strategy that can help you win and sell more listings. At AccuTour we provide Florida-based real estate agents and homeowners the benefits of 3D marketing. We’re always glad to answer your questions or give you a quote.