The Secrets to Filming 3D Virtual Tours that Every Realtor Should Know

Anyone that’s done photography in the South Florida – Fort Lauderdale Real Estate market knows that at times there are certain elements that can affect the footage or imagery that can either make or break the clients next deal.  It’s highly important to take into consideration some basic knowledge of shooting clean images that can give you an optimum selection of producing the tour. Here are a few things that every realtor should know that can help make your 3D Virtual tours outstanding and produced with the utmost quality geared toward selling.

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Lighting: Certain times of day produce the best results.  In order for any camera to work, there has to sufficient lighting.  If you shoot first thing in the morning versus at dusk, the footage has a whole different feel and look to it.  The other thing to take into consideration is the editing process and creating transitions that are seamless.  It’s very difficult for editors to transition from shot to shot or frame to frame without matching lighting. A good company will find the right solution to the turning point of the video at night.  It may be a better answer to create two separate tours for each time rather than the shift in day with the same tour.

Mirrors: Mirrors create challenges with many photographers.  Nothing looks worse with a luxury property than the realtor in every shot where there’s a mirror or windows with reflections.  Make sure that you preview the 3D virtual tours and analyze the quality of the tour by taking a look at the way they present mirrors.  A lot of 3D imagery will eliminate these shots altogether or they block out with filters the windows.  At the end of the day, if your clients are satisfied with the presentation then you should be too.

The other is glare from the sun.  This is more common in rooms with a lot of windows.  A good photography company will understand that by opening their aperture and adjusting the camera, will allow for clear pictures that don’t pick up the sunlight. 

As the realtor, you may or may not be present for the shoot.  It’s good to let your clients know that the photographers will be present for at least a half a day to get ample footage.  For every 3 seconds it takes approximately 15 minutes to capture what is needed. By making sure that the property is free of traffic for those hours is best.  No audio is captured so no worries if there’s noise, but there shouldn’t be anyone present or at least keep the property clear of too many people that could potentially get in the way.

Cluttered spaces: Can be very difficult to get around.  Ask if there is a chance that anything be removed from the room temporarily to give a better presentation.  By taking the time to pay attention to detail will give you the best outcome.

Things like the weather can create complications too.  If rain is predicted, it may be best to reschedule.  Let the professionals make that call.  Many times the photography will be sufficient with clouds, but not rain and lightning. It’s our job to give you the best presentation and tour possible. These are just a few tips to ensure you’ll get the most for your 3D Virtual Tours.

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