Kendall Jenner’s Home using Matterport Technology

In an article recently found in the Hollywood Reporter, Social Media Superstar and Model, Kendall Jenner’s home was featured using Matterport Technology. The location at 1650 Marmont Avenue totaled 4,800 square-feet with 6-bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Here’s what else we found by using the Matterport 3D camera.

The first thing to point out here, is that as the article was found, there was nothing to download, no special glasses or device needed for me to view the property in 3D. The instructions were clear on how to maneuver within the dollhouse, making it ultra-simple to use. We could zoom in to see the coffee left in the cup on the table. We could easily change rooms or go outside to have a look at the pool and spa area. It was a total breeze to use. If we didn’t want to go through the tutorial, not an issue. We could simply hit play and get a guided tour that was put together by the pro’s at Matterport most likely.

You can plainly see the property from several different angles really giving you that ‘as if you were there’ feeling. With the guided tour the different places shown throughout each room were slow and deliberate really giving you that depth of field look.


In the event there was a special message, such as the type of wood or finish something has, the realtor has the option to add a “Mattertag” bubble that appears when you hover over the area or click the message box. With still shots, or regular photos, it’s difficult to decipher what material or texture something has. For example, if something was made of pine or teak, a notice can be included allowing for more information.

With this type of technology at the hands of the realtor, they’re able to prospect more clients by being accessible anywhere. Just as curiosity is human nature, taking a tour via Matterport is a welcome tool, giving your clients more arsenal to use for selling a property.

What the article didn’t reveal is if Matterports technology was used before or after the sale of the home. What we do know is this innovative new way to view real property will become a secondary tool for those selling in the luxury markets. Having the ability to view a property from anywhere in the world, without the paparazzi hot on your trail, appears to be a real advantage.

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