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AccuTour and Matterport are Changing the Way Your World is Being Viewed!

Although the innovation is still in its infancy stages, Matterport photography and the technology behind it is rapidly becoming globally known. This immersive media that’s produced using Matterport cameras has become a real estate “go-to” tool especially in the Luxury market. One of the reasons why this tool is becoming so highly sought after, as well as recommended by hundreds of professionals in the Real Estate sector for property investment, is for the buyer experience. Full color 3-D floor plans allow the viewer to not only see the property, but they can interact with it.

While realtors are certainly warming up to this innovation, many corporate officers within a multitude of industries are becoming familiar with this technology and beginning to embrace this tool as well. Matterport technology is so attractive to users for the following reasons: 

AccuTour is the South Florida Matterport Provider and 3D Virtual Tour Leader

  • This is an excellent walk-through tool that’s ideal for clients who may be located either outside of the country or may simply not have the time to meet in person.
  • This type of photography presents the richest visual experience
  • The concept of touring a shop, viewing its operations and seeing the floor plan allows investors the opportunity to express concerns once experiencing the virtual reality of the potential investment.
  • Matterport created virtual spaces have the ability to be viewed on a desktop or mobile browser, they may also have the completely immersive virtual tour experience with the additional Samsung gear VR headset.


Savvy professionals are clambering on the Matterport bandwagon at record breaking speeds and for good reason…Matterport Delivers a unique visual experiences combined with interactive technology with fully functional navigation for a virtual experience never before seen.

For instance, if you’d like to point out closet space, a video is only two dimensional, which does not allow the viewer to engage or to understand the spacing and dimensions of that feature. With Matterport however the viewer will have a full experience and not just watch the images flashed on the screen.

With Matterports newest feature known as ‘Mattertag Posts’ you can extend communication by positioning a text box anywhere in the physical locations. This can be extremely helpful when describing things like material used for countertops. Generally speaking, it is sometimes difficult to comprehend surfaces and textures when watching videos or looking at the stills. You can add important detailed information to Mattertag posts that are extremely helpful for the viewer. 

AccuTour is the South Florida Preferred Matterport Partner

Whether your focus is on the buyer or the seller, by utilizing this action packed, cutting edge tool you’ll offer buyers an opportunity to view properties without spending multiple hours visiting several locations. Sellers will be pleased you’re using innovative tools that highlight the main selling features of their home. As a realtor or professional Matterport tools and technology will help you strategically plan an effective way for you to show more inventory. 

For more information on Matterport and Mattertag features, contact AccuTour Headquarters.

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