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Real Estate Videos – 5 Aerial Video Do’s and Don’ts

5 Aerial Video Do’s and Don’ts – Tips From AccuTour – South Florida’s 3D Virtual Tours for Property

Seems today with drone availability the cost of aerial footage has become more reasonable.  With 3D tours you will most likely see shots from the top of the roof and the grounds.  These shots are vital to producing a good tour for your clients.  Here are a few tips to keep your aerial footage looking like a million bucks without sacrificing time to get the shots to look right.

1. Plan Your Day of Shooting Accordingly

2. Make sure your grounds are well manicured

3. Cars and other vehicles off the driveway

4. Let the neighbors know

5. Expect Pick Up Shots

The first thing you want to take into consideration before your video shoot is to plan accordingly.  Take a look at the weather.  Cloudy days can be great to shoot in for footage, but they can pose a problem with lighting.  These shots will be hovering over the property and will then be targeting the home directly.  If you are dealing with clouds, ask the director of photography what they would suggest.  A reschedule is common in weather in South Florida.  Even if the majority of the shoot will be indoors, when it comes to post or editing your tours, the editor will give you a better final product when he can match the shots. They can change lighting, but it usually doesn’t look the same.

Making sure your grounds are well manicured is important too.  Has the gardener or landscaper does a walk around the property and pick up debris, take down any dead or loose shrubs, and make sure the pavement is cleaned with a hose and water.  Hollywood trick: They use water to hose down the pavement before shooting scenes, to make the shot look nicer.


Cars and other vehicles should be off the driveway.  If you can move your vehicles, then great, if not, park them in the garage.  The idea is to get rid of anything that looks cluttered.  The other issue that can arise is that of private information that can be obtained with a license plate. Most video they will block out a plate.

Let the neighbors know that you will be shooting.  This is more or less a courtesy thing. But, by letting them know that you will be using things like drones to film a specific property will be helpful and prevent them from calling the police to shut down the production.  Give them a realistic time frame of when the equipment will be used so that they can chose to ignore your photography.

When we suggest to expect pick up shots that technically means that there could be multiple days of shooting.  Unfortunately, there is a process and things don’t always go according to plan with production.   Expect that your camera operators may request an extra day to gather additional footage that may be needed for a quality production.  By preparing yourself with the process, you will be ahead of the game and your money will be well spent.

By following these simple tips, your production will be more worthwhile and the clients will be satisfied with the representation of their luxury homes.  You will also look like an experienced agent or professional that is the expert in your field by giving them the criteria of what to expect. At the end of the day, the footage will be better and the editor will have what he/she needs to piece together a great looking 3D Virtual Tour.

AccuTour in Florida uses breakthrough 3D imaging technology (Matterport Photography) to produce interactive Virtual Tours of Properties. The result is a stunning and captivating 360 degree walk-throughs into properties that is 100% controllable by the user.

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