Using Matterport Technology as a Hiring Tool for New Agents

Accutour Full length JPEGUsing Matterport technology can help attract talent to your team instantly. In this week’s article, we uncover how you can use this tool to entice growth in your staff and for attracting the right agents to join you.

Place yourself back in time when VCR’s were first released. If you owned one of these dinosaurs back in the day, your friends who weren’t as fortunate, probably thought you were super-ultra-cool. That same mindset still holds today with technology and our quest for being the first on the market to have the latest item. If you’re that type of person, then Matterport’s technology probably blew you away once you were introduced.

Now think about the VCR again. If you set off on a career path to being the next top agent, what would happen if your potential broker sat you in front of a VCR to view properties or listen to a new sales strategy? Undoubtedly, you would think the company is broke or even cheap. Using innovative tools such as 3D Tours, for clients not only impresses them, it makes your entire team of realtors looks like superstars! They will undeniably feel they work for a broker who is exceptional because he/she is willing to invest in the right tools.

Matterport is unprecedented with its approach to selling more property because the technology places the client inside of the home before stepping foot in it. The interactive application allows the clients to have a complete user experience.

Imagine your agents taking pride in their work and showing their sellers; they’re on top of their game. When dealing with luxury markets, the agents have to be one step ahead of the competition. Your staff wants their business to be the kid with the VCR, not the kid who’s envious.

Whether you’re hiring someone to create 3D Virtual Tours or you’re contemplating buying a Matterport camera, your clients will respect you. They will see you’re not just any realtor, you’re the best realtor to do the job.

Your new talent will take pride in the company they’ve set out to work for, and your clients will think of you as a 5-star agency. For more information regarding Matterport technology, please contact us direct.