Accutour Full length JPEGUsing Matterport technology can help attract talent to your team instantly. In this week’s article, we uncover how you can use this tool to entice growth in your staff and for attracting the right agents to join you. Place yourself back in time when VCR’s were first released. If you owned one of these dinosaurs back in the day, your friends who weren’t as fortunate, probably thought you were super-ultra-cool. That same mindset still holds today with technology and our quest for being the first on the market to have the latest item. If you’re that type of person, then Matterport’s technology probably blew you away once you were introduced.

Whether you’re into gaming or selling real estate, nothing beats using 3D technology with the utilization of a virtual reality headset to gain the full experience of the visual. While this technology is still relatively new, these VR headsets are creating quite the stir. There are dozens of reviews out there on the multitude of these devices that can hook right up to your smartphone. Even though there’s a ton of them, we decided to highlight our favorite ones to share with you. Use this blog as a quick reference depending on how you’d like your clients to utilize Matterport’s 3D touring capabilities. Samsung Gear VR GogglesSamsung’s Gear VR runs between $79-99 and allows you to watch things like movies and plays video games enabling you to view at a 360-degree angle.